Mr. Doyle – Age 8

Mr Doyle was our class teacher when I was eight. I think he specialized in maths. He was very strict and a bit scary and gave the boys the cane. BUT, sometimes, in the morning, he would get his clarinet out and play for us and then he turned into a completely different person.


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12 Responses to Mr. Doyle – Age 8

  1. I LOVE this picture, and enjoyed your description of Mr. Doyle – he looks so friendly and approachable here I would never have guessed him to be strict!

  2. froggie says:

    goooooorgeous lines! they are practically singing off this page! a wonderful character. 🙂

  3. Sarah says:

    What a beautiful illustration…

  4. Beautiful illustration…Lovely character Mr.Doyle! Would have had loved such joyful teacher!

  5. Very cool. terrific drawing technique.

  6. Such a fun illustration, filled with energy!! It is hard to believe Mr Doyle wasn’t like this all the time, but they say music soothes…. 🙂 Really great drawing!

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