Miss Price – Age 12

The harridan of assemblies and the teacher who squashed my thoughts of being a vet. No doubt she was right, but I do not remember what she suggested as an alternative.


About lookbackincandour

I am an illustrator and writer for children. Originally from Yorkshire, I now hangout in Maine, USA. See more of my work at http://hazelmitchell.com
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5 Responses to Miss Price – Age 12

  1. Ooh, she looks a terror! But how sad that she squashed your dream instead of helping you follow it! I had a teacher like that too – she nearly stopped me from writing – maybe she was right as well!

  2. Susanna … so sorry to hear about your teacher! It is sad to have our dreams squashed by anyone! keep on!

  3. greg thomas says:

    Was that a miss price of raincliffe??

  4. greg thomas says:

    my sister was not keen on her!

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