Sand Pit – Age 5

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I am an illustrator and writer for children. Originally from Yorkshire, I now hangout in Maine, USA. See more of my work at
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20 Responses to Sand Pit – Age 5

  1. Craig Lew says:

    Tonka! Brings back memories!

  2. So excited to be able to peek into your candour, my friend!

  3. Ah, fun in the sand… 🙂 This is terrific, Hazel! Looking forward to more!

  4. Tonka’s were indestructable! Great new sketchblog idea!

  5. sandiwaugh says:

    I could always count on my kids playing for hours in the sandbox. This brings back such good memories of sandy birthday cakes with sticks for candles.

  6. mmm…. this certainly does bring back memories, of my brother and I with his Tonka toy trucks in our sandbox at home….lol. Very cool Hazel.

  7. ritaborg says:

    You know I love your work and you, Hazel!

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